5 Fitness Trackers That Are Worth the Money

Looking for a fitness tracker to help you stay in shape? Here are five devices that are worthy of your consideration.

Nike Fuelband

Fitness tracking devices are a booming new business, and they can help you learn a lot about your fitness and health patterns. Here are five devices that could help you improve your overall health.

Nike Fuelband ($149)

The Nike+ Fuelband uses an accelerometer (a device that tracks changes in movement) to record your daily activity, including the number of steps you take and calories you burn. The wristband monitor can recognize a variety of physical activity, from dancing to running to playing basketball; and the Fuelband's LED display lights up from red to green to indicate where you are in relation to predetermined goals that you have programmed.

Jawbone Up ($130)

Jawbone Up not only records your activity during the day, it also tracks how you move, how you sleep and how you eat. The sleep data is especially detailed, including the total number of hours you sleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, any waking moments and whether you experience light or deep sleep. A stopwatch allows you to track and analyze activities like a bike ride or a run. An app that's compatible with the device allows you to track what you eat each day.

Fitbit Flex ($100)

The Fitbit Flex is a new wireless device that monitors your daily activity and sleep through excellent stat tracking. (Check out STACK's preview of the Flex.) It lets you record the steps you take each day along with total distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes and hours and quality of sleep. The device's mobile and web apps display data in a visual, understandable format that allows you to see trends in your life. You can also earn badges for traveling long distances and consistently staying active.

BodyMedia FIT CORE ($119)

The BodyMedia FIT CORE wraps around your arm, not your wrist, so if you want an option that won't crowd your wristwatch, here it is. The CORE armband uses an accelerometer and skin sensors to monitor changes in your body heat and record the calories you burn as you move through the day. Creators of the device claim it is especially helpful to those seeking to lose weight.

Basis ($199)

Worn as a watch, the Basis health and heart rate monitor is the only device among these five that records your heart rate. It uses a motion sensor to record steps taken, calories burned during activity and duration of sleep.

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