4 Tips To Maximize the Impact of Your Football Highlight Video

Boost your odds of being recruited by learning how to make your football highlight video more effective.

Football Coach

As the weather cools and football season starts, the recruiting process for high school seniors heats up. As a former college football coach, I can tell you that the biggest thing a coach wants to see is your highlight video. Your major selling point? It's not your stats, press coverage or recommendations from biased high school coaches. It's how you move and play the game.

When producing a highlight video, keep these basic tips in mind:

  1. Get to the highlights as soon as possible. Don't waste time with a long intro just to convey basic information and minimal stats.
  2. Put your best plays first. Rarely will a coach sit through an entire highlight reel. Some athletes include their highlights in game order. But if your best plays happened later in the season, a coach may never see them.
  3. Pick your best 15 to 18 plays. Anything more and you'd just be repeating similar plays.
  4. Show as many different aspects of your game as possible. For instance, if you're a wide receiver, don't show only deep ball touchdowns. Also show your speed and explosiveness, crisp route running, tough catches and blocking ability.

You only have one shot at a first impression with a college coach. A highlight video can either quickly accelerate or reduce your recruiting potential. Don't let your highlight video hinder your chances of playing at your dream school. Let your plays on the field do the talking. Good luck this season!

Photo credit: sfgate.com

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