Former 3-Time NBA Dunk Contest Champion Nate Robinson Plans To Try Out for the NFL

Will Nate Robinson be the first athlete to play both pro basketball and pro football?

Nate Robinson

In the history of sports, few athletes have played more than one sport at the professional level. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders come to mind, as does Michael Jordan, who played minor league baseball. But there has never been a professional athlete in both basketball and football.

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The Lead Sports released a video about current NBA free agent Nate Robinson and his plan to try out for the NFL. If you're wondering why or how he would do this, you're not alone. You might not know, however, that before Robinson decided to focus on basketball, he attended  the University of Washington on a football scholarship.

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According to, in 2002, his freshman year, Robinson recorded 34 tackles and two interceptions as a cornerback. In the NBA, he was always undersized, but at 5-foot-9, he would not be considered too short to play corner in the NFL. Plus, the 3-time NBA Dunk Champion has mad hops. His age (31) could be an issue, but he hasn't been beat up like most NFL pros at that point in their careers.

So is it possible? Yes. But we will wait and see.

Watch The Lead Sports video below to see what Nate and other athletes have to say about his decision.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock