Former NFL Punter Steve Weatherford Gets Kicked Out of Planet Fitness for Working Out Too Hard, Calls for Boycott

Planet Fitness kicked a former NFL punter out of its gym, and he is not happy about it.

Steve Weatherford

If you know anything about Planet Fitness, the chain of gyms that feature something called a "Lunk Alarm," a siren that blares if you dare to drop a weight too hard or grunt finishing a Squat, then you know it's a weird place. Former New York Giants punter and jacked human being Steve Weatherford found that out firsthand when he was booted out of Planet Fitness for what he says was "excessive breathing/grunting," after being told by staff members to "tone it down." As you might imagine, this didn't sit well with Weatherford, so he strolled up to the counter and filmed a brief Instagram video stating that he'd never step foot in the place again.

Here's a brief rundown of Weatherford's story, taken from the video's caption:

So I have trained at well over 1,000 gyms all over the world. Not 1 time have I ever been approached and asked to "tone it down." A gym should be a place that encourages, motivates, and inspires you to build the best version of yourself possible. Not a place that has a built-in siren the manager activates when someone is working hard and breathes heavily.

I'm embarrassed to say I paid $20 to this establishment. I'm fortunate to be an overly confident person. Can you imagine how embarrassing this would be to someone trying hard to change their image through hard work and they let a more than quiet breath out.

The gym can already be a very intimidating place; clients don't need to worry about being completely humiliated for working hard.


I'm asking everyone to go to @PlanetFitness on IG and Twitter page and share your thoughts.

I live this life and share my journey in fitness to inspire, encourage, and motivate others. It seems #PlanetFitness has an alternative agenda.
IT MUST STOP!!!!!! #BoyCottPlanetFitness #FPlanetFitness2x"

And here's a excerpt from Planter Fitness's mission statement, taken from its website:

"As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to perfect this safe, energetic environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected."

Huh. There's a disconnect here. Something tells me that the negative press Planet Fitness is receiving from Weatherford's story may prompt them to reassess how they do business from here on out.


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