Former NHLer Dave Karpa Joins Athletic Republic

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Former NHLer Dave Karpa recently joined Athletic Republic of Orange County as their director of hockey. Karpa played professionally for more than 10 years, with stints on the Quebec Nordiques [now the Colorado Avalanche], Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes.

Karpa was lured to Athletic Republic by its highly-qualified training professionals and impressive array of proprietary equipment—including a hockey treadmill, super treadmill and plyo floor. "They have the science background to explain why you're doing something and how it makes you a better athlete," Karpa says. "Their technology has really blown me away."

Dave Karpa of Athletic Republic

Karpa will employ his vast hockey training and skills knowledge to teach the fundamentals of the sport, continuing to advance AR's hockey training program. He will spend much of his time instructing players on the hockey treadmill [find out more about hockey treadmills here], which in conjunction with a video system, is a cutting-edge tool for developing a player's stride. He says, "I am able to work on a kid's technique, position, arm movement and stride, and then have him look at video to see what he is doing."

Karpa's influence will also be seen in the weight room, where he will deploy AR's  equipment for hockey-specific training. He believes it's critical for high school players to focus on developing strength, speed and endurance, beginning with bodyweight and plyometric exercises, and gradually moving to weight-based training.

Karpa will also use his experience to teach proper shot technique on Athletic Republic's artificial ice surface. "I look at their technique and work on their weight transfer for a better shot," he says. "If I can work on the fundamentals at a young age, it comes naturally and you don't have to think about it."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock