Francisco Lindor's Secret Fielding Weapon is Called a 'Pancake Glove'

Francisco Lindor makes everything look easy in the field.

In just two seasons with the Cleveland Indians, shortstop Francisco Lindor has become one of the best young players in Major League Baseball. For his 2016 season performance, the 23-year-old earned the American League Platinum Glove and Gold Glove awards.

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To be successful, Lindor trains hard on and off the field. Last season, he was third in the AL in Defensive WAR, and his fielding percentage was 98 percent. It's rare to see a ball get by Lindor, because he has soft hands and great technique when fielding a ball.

The All-Star shortstop acquired this level of skill by practicing with the Pancake Glove. According to, it's a flat baseball training glove that helps players develop soft, quick hands. It also functions as a funneling technique for fielding. If you follow the Cleveland Indians on their social media pages, you will see Lindor using it while other players use normal gloves.

Francisco Lindor with Pancake Glove

Using the flat baseball glove makes it difficult to field balls, but Lindor is so talented, he uses it flawlessly. During Indians spring training practice Tuesday, he was caught in action using the special glove. Check it out below. It will mesmerize you.

The Pancake Glove isn't just for the professionals. It's great for any baseball or softball player who wants to develop soft hands and improve his or her fielding ability.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock