The Most Insane Bodyweight Workout You've Ever Seen

In a video that has gone viral on the Internet, Frank Medrano shows off one of the most amazing bodyweight workouts we've ever seen. Watch it on

Watch this video and join us in disbelief, utter amazement and mad respect. We've never witnessed the level of body control and relative strength demonstrated by Frank Medrano, the freakishly ripped man in the video.

When Medrano competed in various track & field events in high school, he was a typical rail-thin runner. After graduating, he decided to ditch his whimpy physique and set out to bulk up. He was not pleased with the results he got from standard weightlifting, so he searched for something more challenging, effective and rewarding. He found that through calisthenics, bodyweight exercises and a vegan diet.

Check out the results for yourself, most notably Medrano's unbelievable physique and freakish display of strength in his bodyweight workout video above.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock