9 of the Most Ridiculous Off-Field Athlete Injuries of All Time

STACK catalogs some of the craziest ways athletes have hurt themselves away from the action.

Nate Burleson Busted His Arm Saving a Pizza

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Nate Burleson Busted His Arm Saving a Pizza

You should always attempt to keep living things safe when you're involved in a car accident. First, your children. Second, your dog. Third, the hula dancer you keep on your dashboard. And finally, the pizza you just picked up.

When Nate Burleson was involved in a car accident in 2013, he was riding around with a pizza in his passenger seat. So like any pizza-loving American, Burleson attempted to save the Italian delight from sliding off the seat after his car was hit. Burleson broke his arm with that move, but was otherwise OK. He even got a lifetime supply of pizza from DiGiorno and he doesn't have to drive to get carry-out anymore. How nice of them.