9 of the Most Ridiculous Off-Field Athlete Injuries of All Time

STACK catalogs some of the craziest ways athletes have hurt themselves away from the action.

DeAngelo Hall's Late Night Snack Went Wrong

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DeAngelo Hall's Late Night Snack Went Wrong

We all get the late-night munchies. You wake up restless at 3 a.m. with pizza on the brain. You sneak downstairs, making sure to avoid that creaky step, the one that sounds like a train smashing in to the side of your house, and make a beeline for the fridge You're about to open the door that leads to a dimly lit wonderland of tasty treats, when your feet come out from under you. You eat it, no pun intended.

That's what happened to Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall in 2014, and it resulted in a torn ACL. No word on whether he ate the snack.