9 of the Most Ridiculous Off-Field Athlete Injuries of All Time

STACK catalogs some of the craziest ways athletes have hurt themselves away from the action.

Brian Anderson Ironed His Own Face

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Brian Anderson Ironed His Own Face

Brain Anderson is a former MLB pitcher who finished his career with a record of 82-83 and won a World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001. 

It's a pretty solid career for a guy who once accidentally ironed his own face. "I was getting ready to iron a shirt," he told MLB.com in 2001. "You know on the road some irons you plug in and have to turn on; some you plug in and they're automatically on? There've been so many that I plugged in, would wait five minutes, go to use it and it would be one you had to flip on.

"So this one, I plugged in while watching the Indians play on 'Sunday Night Baseball.' I picked up the iron, held it to my face to feel the heat and was trying to look around the corner (of the iron) to watch the game. I just put my cheek right on it. It didn't take much, and it fried the side of my face. What are you going to do?"

What are you going to do? How about not treat your face like it's a pair of wrinkled khakis? Luckily for him, the injury did not force Anderson onto the DL.