Freestyle Skier Bobby Brown Ready to Win More X Games Gold

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Today, Jan. 27, officially kicks off the granddaddy of winter action sports events: Winter X Games 15. Last year, a new kid on the block, 18-year-old freestyle skier Bobby Brown, carved up the competition, becoming the first skier ever to capture two gold medals at a Winter X Game.

You can be sure he's ready to repeat that performance. "Being the first one to win two gold medals in the same year in the X Games was mind-blowing," Brown told reporters. "To be up in the ranks with Tanner [Hall] and Simon [Dumont], some of the greatest competitors skiing's ever seen, it's mind-blowing."

As a refresher on what Brown did a year ago, check out these two videos:

Despite all the hype surrounding the Winter X Games competition, the Breckenridge, Colo. native is focused on his game. "It's a whole different story once you're at the top of the course," Brown says. "You're not really worried about what everyone else is doing. You just focus on your own thing, just really putting goals ahead of you and trying to challenge yourself to reach them."

What are Brown's goals, other than continually pulling off the sickest trick combinations? He's keeping them a secret until comp time. "There are a few new tricks, [but I'm] trying to keep them under wraps," says skiing's new heartthrob. "It was one thing to do a double cork last year, but now it's another thing to do it the opposite way—definitely been working on those."

Whatever tricks Brown pulls out of his bag, you'd better believe he'll have them perfected. His training progression for learning a new trick starts with performing it safely on a trampoline, creating muscle memory. Next, he masters the trick by jumping off water ramps. Finally, he tests the trick on a jump at Breckenridge.

To avoid being an X Games one-hit wonder, Brown applies his strong mental focus to countless hours of preparation. Odds are he'll be back on the podium to receive more gold medals.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock