Fitness Fail Friday: Aerobics Gone Awry

In this week's Fitness Fail video, things go very wrong very fast for one unlucky participant in an aerobics class. Guess which one before you watch the video.

Aerobics class

This week, we've got the perfect setup for a Fitness Fail Friday game: two dudes in the middle of an aerobics class full of women with a video title that promises mayhem. Play along by guessing which participant will fall victim to the Fitness Fail.

A. Peppy Pam

Aerobics Instructor

B. Ambitious Andy

Ambitious Andy

C. Muscles

D. Everyone Else

Aerobics Class

Locked in your answer? Play the video below.

If you answered Ambitious Andy, pat yourself on the back and take the rest of the day off.

Watch the video again. Notice how the two gentlemen are comically out of sync with the rest of the class. This is clearly their first step aerobics class, which makes their decision to position themselves in front of everyone so puzzling and our victim's fateful choice to double up on the risers downright foolhardy.

By the time we join him in this video, Ambitious Andy is struggling mightily to catch his breath. He underestimated the risers. He knows it, we know it, and it's only a matter of time before they get the best of him.

You may have faceplanted this time, Andy, but don't give up. Pick yourself up, remove a riser or two and Step Up 2 the Streets. A few more years of practice, and you'll be dancing away in the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock