Game On: Madden NFL Arcade

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For all you gamers out there who are hungry to continue the NFL season, EA Sports has a game that will satisfy your gridiron appetite. Read on for the scoop on their latest downloadable video game.

Madden NFL Arcade
[EA Sports]
Platforms: Available for download on Xbox 360, PS3
Rated: E for everybody

Throw out complex playbooks and forget about crazy offensive formations. Madden NFL Arcade is backyard football at its best—5-on-5 pure adrenaline rush and hard-hitting, gun-slinging football.

The rules are simple. Choose your favorite NFL teams, and march down a 60-yard field in four downs, with no penalties and no field goals allowed. First team to score 30 points wins. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! To make things interesting, EA added 13 unique "Game Changers," which can be used throughout the game. Freeze an opposing player on the snap, turn off your opponent's Passing Icon or add an entire defensive line for one play to sack the QB.

In Madden NFL Arcade, anything can happen. With no refs, no rules and no regard for the laws of physics, this downloadable game will keep you and your crew in a football mood for weeks after the Super Bowl.

STACK's Take: The game is similar to Midway's NFL Blitz of the '90s and EA's NFL Street of the early 2000s. The style is anything-goes gameplay. But Madden NFL Arcade has a realistic look, similar to Madden NFL, which the other two games didn't have. It's a game that anyone can pick up and play.

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