Gator Volleyball Three Cone Drill

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Like basketball, the sport of volleyball traces its origin to the early days of the YMCA. The game was invented in 1895, by William G. Morgan, a physical education director at the Y in Holyoke, Mass. Morgan wanted to give his older members a team-oriented game that wasn't as rough as basketball. Through the years, volleyball and its rules have changed, but the essential concepts remain.

One element that hasn't changed—something that Morgan borrowed from basketball, which he admired—is the need for superior agility. The Florida Gators understand this, and they use the Three Cone Drill to improve their quickness and nimbleness. Their ability to change directions in all planes of motion helped them capture the 2008 SEC title.

Three Cone Drill [see diagram for set up]
• Place cones in an inverted "V" shape with 3 to 5 steps between cones
• Shuffle from cone 1 to cone 2
• Backpedal from cone 2 to cone 3
• Sprint from cone 3 to cone 2
• Shuffle from cone 2 to cone 1

Sets/Reps/Rest: 1-3; 30 seconds
Coaching Points: Don't click heels on shuffle // Maintain a good lower-body base // Keep chest low // Do not pop up when transitioning from cones

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock