Gatorade's 'League of Captains' Comic Strip Adventures

Show Gatorade how you "win from within" and join the brand's new 'League of Captains.'

Gatorade's 'League of Captains' Comic Strip Adventures

"Work is their story. Greatness is the result."

Working last fall in partnership with DC Comics, Gatorade first re-imagined Cam Newton and J.J. Watt as superheroes for a digital comic series called Freaks. Gatorade's League of Captains now brings you the football online comic book tales of J.J. Watt ("Megawatt"), Cam Newton ("The Blender"),  RGIII ("Triple Impact"), Peyton Manning ("The Sheriff") and Eli Manning ("Big Easy.")

The League of Captains website even allows you to create your own superhero athlete. Choose from multiple sports, hair styles, jerseys, shoe colors and other attributes.

Also, you can submit your photo by Sept. 7—from a workout, practice or game showing how you "win from within"—for a chance to win your own comic book cover. Every submission will be judged and the best ones will be drawn and "immortalized" by a professional cartoon artist.

The League of Captains even has its own Gatorade bottles.




Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock