Fitness Fail Friday: Why You Won't See Gatorade Showers During March Madness

Check out some of STACK's favorite Gatorade shower fails of the past few years.

In honor of March Madness, we're trotting out our choice for 2013's One Shining Moment: the North Platte Community College women's basketball team trying to break their coach's hip with a Gatorade shower.

As many have pointed out, there's a time and place for a Gatorade shower. BCS National Championship Game: Yes. Beef O'Brady's Bowl: No. National Junior College Athletic Association Women's Basketball District F Qualifying Game: Only if you hate your coach.

When the video begins, it's clear that everyone in the building is 100 percent on board with this terrible idea except the coach. While the poor guy tries to shuffle away from his team, a girl in the foreground skips gleefully, a player raises her arms in triumph and the entire gym screams with delight.

Of course, everything changes the instant the coach hits the hardwood. The girl stops skipping.  The crowd ohhh's. The players stand in stunned silence. A woman from the crowd tries to help the coach. She falls too. The crowd ohhh's again.

Teachers often talk about the joy they feel when their students' eyes light up when an idea clicks. After watching an entire gym full of people realize simultaneously that liquid makes a wood floor slippery, we understand how they feel.

But Wait, There's More

You may be shocked to learn this is not the only Gatorade shower gone wrong on the Internet. We'd be remiss if we didn't share a few more of our favorites.

Nick Saban Hates Gatorade

If Nick Saban hates magazines, stupid questions and Christmas, we can all assume he's not a fan of happy people dumping sticky Gatorade on him, right? In 2009, a jug hit Saban in the face during a Gatorade shower, and it was terrifying.


Michigan State Is Not Great at Gatorade Showers

"That's the only thing they've missed all day, folks." – Brent Musburger



Rob. Ford.

Here's Toronto mayor and Internet star Rob Ford getting doused with Gatorade. Just because.

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