Epoch Lacrosse's Gen.5 Dragonfly Lax Stick

Epoch's Dragonfly lacrosse stick, for men and women, comes in a variety of styles based on position, durability and texture.

For the past decade, lacrosse has been one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and big names like STX, Harrow and Warrior have dominated the gear market. But thanks to its innovative line of lacrosse gear, Epoch Lacrosse is coming on strong.

Two-time national champion lacrosse player James Miceli founded Epoch in 2011 to create the most technologically advanced equipment in the game by incorporating materials used by NASA, Boeing, and the Navy Seals.

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Epoch has a collection of high performance shafts, heads and mesh, but over the past four years, the Dragonfly lacrosse stick has become their most popular item. Designed for both men and women players, the Dragonfly comes in a variety of styles based on position, durability and texture. Each shaft is made with an advanced carbon layering technique to produce a lightweight, flexible feel, unlike any other lacrosse stick on the market.

The Dragonfly C60 provides extra strength on checks for defensive players, while their most popular stick, the Dragonfly C30, offers reload technology to improve velocity and shot accuracy for offensive players.

Check out the video to see the Gen.5 Dragonfly shaft in action

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