Geraldo Rivera's Tweet Reveals His Utter Confusion About Villanova's National Championship

Geraldo Rivera got a little confused, but technically wasn't wrong.

Geraldo Rivera

The North Carolina Tar Heels lost to the Villanova Wildcats on a 3-point buzzer beater in Monday night's NCAA men's basketball National Championship game.

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As the crowd and all 'Nova fans erupted, so did the social media universe. For people who didn't watch the game, Twitter kept them informed about what happened. But whoever read Geraldo Rivera's tweet after the game had no clue what happened.

Rivera wanted to share the news about who won the game and to tweet the results, but his tweet confused the Tar Heels with the Carolina Panthers.


Besides mixing up two sports, his tweet technically isn't wrong. The Panthers didn't lose the national championship, and the Wildcats did win.

So good job?

The Panthers' twitter responded as most of us did.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock