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To you high school hoopsters tipping off your season this weekend, we ask, "What gets you hyped up for the game?" Could it be listening to your favorite hip hop song, or watching an inspiring movie like the LeBron James documentary, More Than A Game (check out STACK's cover shoot with LeBron and his fellow "Fab Five" high school teammates)?

No matter your current method, we have a fresh suggestion. Get hyped up at—your source for all the sickest dunks and basketball highlights.

The site not only offers the latest clips from high school, college and professional players, they also have a deep collection of pro athlete highlights from their early days. From Blake Griffin's spectacular dunks at the McDonald's High School All-American game to 17-year-old Kobe Bryant dropping 43 points in a midnight madness game, plenty of videos can get your juices flowing before you step onto the court. Here are a few of our favorite clips from's YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock