"Get Into the Action" With the New Madden NFL 12 Demo

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Did you hear the uproar yesterday?—the chants, cheers and uninhibited joy all around the country? That was the sound of gamers celebrating the release of the Madden NFL 12 demo, as EA Sports invited Madden fans to "Get Into The Action."

Like other Madden diehards, we downloaded the demo immediately, using the PS3 as our platform of choice. The demo offers four five-minute quarters of Madden football. The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are playing at Soldier Field. In true Madden tradition, the demo made us clamor and yearn even more for the official release on Aug. 30.

As expected, the visuals and presentation were simply amazing. Players look lifelike, and the detail put into Soldier Field was astounding. Gameplay is better than ever, making you feel like you're in the game throwing to Donald Driver instead of sitting on your couch.

This game is bound to be a popular addition to any STACKlete's collection—perfect for stimulating competition among your teammates off the field. Plus, a little trash talking never hurt anyone!

Learn more about Madden 12 in our interview with EA Sports Creative Director Mike Young.

Photo:  ea.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock