Get Ripped With Rob Gronkowski's 20-Minute Rowing Workout

Learn how Gronk gets in shape in the NFL off-season with the Gronk Fitness WaterRower.

Rob Gronkowski's unique combination of strength, size and speed makes him one of the most difficult players to cover in the NFL. Thanks to his immense talents, he quickly became one of Tom Brady's favorite targets, and he consistently shreds defenses for massive yards.

For Gronk, strength training is obviously important to maintain his edge. That said, his conditioning also needs to be at an elite level so he can run precise routes, battle with defenders and make important blocks over four quarters.

To improve his conditioning in the off-season, Gronk uses the Gronk Fitness WaterRower. Designed specifically for the Gronk Fitness product line, the Limited Edition WaterRower comes in powder-coated carbon black with the Gronk Spike logo on the side of its aluminum frame. The rower is commercial grade, making it suitable for any setting including, performance facilities, high school weight rooms and home gyms.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock