Get Stronger in Less Than 20 Minutes With EMOM Workouts

Challenge yourself with EMOM workouts.

In an EMOM workout (Every Minute On the Minute), you pick an exercise (or exercises), perform a set amount of reps at the start of every minute and rest until the start of the next minute. Typically, these workouts last between 10 to 20 minutes.

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EMOMs are an incredibly simple but highly effective training method. Virtually any athlete who walks into the gym can benefit from them, provided they tailor the EMOM workouts to their goals.

With EMOMs you can get:

Bigger and Stronger


EMOMs increase the density of your training sessions by increasing work capacity while decreasing rest periods. This means you move a higher volume of heavy loads in the same amount of time that a lot of gym-goers take to do two sets. This makes EMOM workouts an excellent strategy for increasing muscle mass while lowering body fat levels.

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Better at Working Out


Technical skill acquisition requires frequent proficient practice. Athletes encounter a few problems with skill development of certain exercises:

  • Time restraint: Athletes have a finite amount of time to focus on the mastery of movements. Sport-specific technique usually takes precedence over gym lifts.
  • Balance between volume and load: Certain exercises like Olympic lifts exemplify finding this balance. Lifting mechanics change a bit when the load is too light, but if the load gets too heavy, volume decreases. EMOMs allow you to increase the frequency so you can practice skill-intensive movements without compromising load.

EMOMs are also great way to train your various energy systems. The shortened rest periods keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout. Toward the end of the workout as fatigue builds up, EMOMs with high central nervous system-intensive movements can help you develop more resilience against "central fatigue."

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To get the most amount of EMOMs, try them with Olympic lifts. It's a good way to develop skill for performing a technical lift that provides a multitude of benefits, a form of conditioning the ATP-PC system, and effective way to increase explosive strength.

Sample EMOM Workout

The clean and jerk exercise

Clean and Jerk @ 70% 1RM x 2 reps for 10 minutes

If you don't know how to perform Olympic lifts with a barbell or you're just not a fan of them, replace the barbell with kettlebells, dumbbells or a relatively heavy sandbag.

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