Get Stronger on Summer Vacation With This 15-Exercise Outdoor Workout

This outdoor workout can keep your training on track even if you can't get to the gym.

When you can't get to the weight room this summer or if you don't access to a gym on vacation, this article provides several convenient, intense and innovative outdoor exercises.

A timer, exercise mat, water bottle, pair of dumbbells, medicine ball and a quiet sidewalk/curb area are the ingredients for a full-body sports conditioning workout promoting size, balance, endurance, flexibility and core and upper- and lower-body strength.


  • Choose and perform five exercises each workout for variety.
  • Sets/Reps: 3x10. Rest: 15-30 seconds between regular sets; 30-45 seconds for supersets of combo exercises; and 60 seconds between each exercise. Some exercises may also be timed where indicated.
  • Do the full-body workouts on non-consecutive days for adequate recovery.
  • Do a dynamic upper- and lower-body warm-up (e.g., Arm Circles/Lunges).
  • Finish with upper- and lower-body static cooldown stretches for greater flexibility and range of motion.

Single-Leg DB Cross-Rows

While bringing the db down across your body to the opposite ankle, do 10 reps with the left foot airborne and 10 with the right foot off the sidewalk to enhance upper-body and core strength and balance.

Sideways Elevated Push-Ups on the Curb

With your hands shoulder-width apart on the curb, do a Push-Up while moving laterally to the right with your hands and feet for 10 reps. After 10 reps, repeat going laterally to the left back to start position.

DB Walking Forward Lunges

Hold the dbs with a shoulder-level underhand grip instead of at your sides for added intensity and simultaneously promoting arm and leg size while alternately lunging forward with each leg for 10 steps on the sidewalk.

Seated Elevated Ball Twists

Sit on the mat with your heels atop the curb and rotate from side to side with the ball for 30-60 seconds. Make the exercise more challenging for your second and third sets by performing Ball Twists with one heel airborne and the other heel on the curb.

Single-Leg Ball Slams

With the left foot airborne on the sidewalk, hold the ball overhead and explosively throw it on the ground for 10 reps and immediately slam it down 10 times while the right foot is airborne.

DB Farmer Walks

Hold dbs at your sides and walk for 60 seconds on the sidewalk. Put them down, rest 15 seconds, then pick them up and turn around and walk for another 60 seconds.

Supine Explosive Ball Throws

Lie on your back on the mat with your feet airborne a few inches and explosively throw the ball above your chest, catch it and immediately throw it again. Continue for 60 seconds to build upper-body power and core strength.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Do two sets of 10 reps with the right foot on the curb while holding the dbs with an underhand shoulder-width grip, and 10 reps with the left foot atop the curb. Do the third set without dbs: Hold your arms close to your sides and make sure your fingertips touch the ground for all 10 reps with the right foot atop the curb, then the left foot on the curb.

Lateral Jumps On and Off the Curb Superset with Ball Push-Ups

Do 10 Side Jumps on and off the curb with both feet, then turn around and repeat the jumps from the other side. Immediately perform 10 Push-Ups with your hands atop the med ball. A great lower- and upper-body endurance combo.

Forward Jumps On and Off the Curb

Jump on and off the curb for 30-60 seconds. Rest and repeat twice more.

Prone, Side and Supine Feet-Elevated Planks

Place your forearms on the mat and your feet atop the curb in a Prone Plank position for 30 seconds. Without rest, rotate left for a 30-second Side Plank, rotate right for 30 seconds, and finish in a Supine Plank position for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat twice more.

Ball Rollouts Superset with Inchworms

Kneel on the mat on the sidewalk with your hands atop the ball and roll the ball out as far as possible and back 10 times. Assume a Push-Up position and bring your feet toward your hands and walk your hands out back to start position and continue the Inchworms 10 times. Excellent core strengthening and upper- and lower-body flexibility-enhancing combo.

One-Arm Overhead Presses and Step-Ups

Facing the curb while holding a db in your right hand with an overhand shoulder-level grip, step up on the curb with your left foot while simultaneously pressing the db overhead. After 10 reps, immediately switch hands and do right foot Step-Ups/Overhead Presses for boosting upper- and lower-body size.

Side Lunges and Ball Twists

Hold the ball at chest level with your arms extended on the sidewalk and lunge laterally right while simultaneously twisting with the ball. Return to start position and continue the right side Lunges/Twists for 30-60 seconds. Without rest, do 30-60 seconds of left Side Lunges/Twists.

Seated Feet-Elevated Rows

Place your heels on the curb while seated on the mat and holding the dbs with a supinated (underhand) grip at waist level and your arms extended. Pull the dbs toward your waist, pause one second and return to start position and do nine more reps.