Nigel Sylvester Showcases Action Sports and Fashion Skills

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Nigel Sylvester
Nigel Sylvester is one of the hottest up-and-coming BMX riders on the circuit, and his "Get Sylvester" video shorts have become must-see viewing for action sports fans. Through the videos, Sylvester showcases his talents on the bike as well as his head for sports, business and lifestyle. Sylvester not only rides on the bike circuit, he also owns a BMX, skate and streetwear store in Queens called Format NY. He has successfully turned his athletic skills into his own mini empire.

The short videos are not as much about riding as they are about the lifestyle, friendships and business of action sports. They show how much is possible with passion and commitment. Shot in classic black and white, they have a fly-on-the-wall feel as they follow Sylvester riding, designing bikes, playing mini golf, joking with friends and sharing bits of his philosophy. Clearly, Sylvester loves what he does.

The videos take Sylvester from Barcelona to New York City. In the latest episode (his third), Sylvester heads to the offices of one of his first sponsors, Animal Bikes; reveals his new tattoo; gets down to business designing bikes; and shows off his skills on a half pipe.

Watch the Get Sylvester series, and get inspired to combine your passion for sports with business. For the latest updates, subscribe to Sylvester's YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock