Giancarlo Stanton Hit a Home Run to the Freaking Moon

Giancarlo Stanton's space shot was brought down by a light tower.

Giancarlo Stanton

In the midst of the Miami Marlins' five-run comeback against the Detroit Tigers, Giancarlo Stanton stepped to the plate in the bottom of the sixth inning against Justin Verlander. On a 1-1 pitch, Verlander threw a breaking ball that didn't break, and though it stayed low, it was nowhere near low enough to escape Stanton's absurd range.

Stanton bent his left leg slightly before golfing Verlander's pitch into outer space. Seriously, if Marlins Park didn't have several overarching light towers behind the left field bleachers, Stanton's ball might still be traveling through the ionosphere, destined for the surface of the moon where it will rest for thousands of years. Instead, the ball ricocheted off one of the light poles and landed in the crowd, where some lucky fan now has his own Stantonesque space-shot souvenir.

Although the Tigers recovered after blowing their lead to win in extra innings, Stanton's bomb won't soon be forgotten.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock