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Ronnie Lott, Former NFL Defensive Back

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Ronnie Lott, Former NFL Defensive Back

Athlete: Ronnie Lott

Sport: Former NFL Defensive Back

Number of Gross Fingers: 1

Overall Grossness Rating: 7/10

Ronnie Lott was one of the most badass defensive backs in NFL history.

His toughness and passion helped him become an eight-time First-Team All-Pro, but it also cost him the tip of his left pinkie.

While the legend goes that Lott had part of his finger amputated during the middle of an NFL game, he actually had it done during the off-season.

His pinkie had been crushed the previous season while trying to tackle running back Timmy Newsome, and his doctor gave him two options. He could either perform reconstructive surgery that would've entailed grafting a bone taken from his wrist and inserting a pin inside his finger, or they could amputate just above the first joint.

Lott chose to have part of his finger amputated rather than let recovery from an injury hamper his season–a decision he later regretted. His finger really doesn't look too bad, but it's the idea of voluntary amputation that really makes us feel sick.

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Source: MMQB