LOOK: 20 Athletes With Unbelievably Messed Up Fingers

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Rashad Johnson, Former NFL Defensive Back

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Rashad Johnson, Former NFL Defensive Back

Athlete: Rashad Johnson

Sport: Former NFL Defensive Back

Number of Gross Fingers: 1

Overall Grossness Rating: 10/10

Rashad Johnson is a former NFL defensive back.

While he played eight years in the league and totaled 382 career tackles, I'll always remember him for having the most disgusting finger I've ever laid eyes on.

This nightmarish injury occurred during a 2013 game when Johnson, then a member of the Arizona Cardinals, tackled Darren Sproles during a punt return. Here's what happened next, via ESPN:

Cardinals trainers cut off the left glove to find his middle finger severed just above the knuckle with exposed bone. The rest of Johnson's finger, including the nail, was still in the glove.

Good grief. Johnson showed the result in the photo above, which he posted to Twitter.

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Source: Rashad Johnson's Twitter