LOOK: 20 Athletes With Unbelievably Messed Up Fingers

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Randy Gradishar, Former NFL Linebacker

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Randy Gradishar, Former NFL Linebacker

Athlete: Randy Gradishar

Sport: Former NFL Linebacker

Number of Gross Fingers: Several, But One Sticks Out

Overall Grossness Rating: 9.5/10

Randy Gradishar was a darn fine football player.

Gradishar was a seven-time Pro Bowl selection and the 1978 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

But he didn't leave the game without some battle scars.

Case in point: his mangled left ring finger.

I'm not quite sure how Gradishar managed to put a ring on that thing, but he's grateful a wonky finger seems to be the worst of his playing-related injuries.

"It could have been worse," he told the Denver Post. "It could have been my shoulder or neck or head. I feel pretty fortunate. All I've got is loose fingers."

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Source: Denver Post