LOOK: 20 Athletes With Unbelievably Messed Up Fingers

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Michael Jordan, Former NBA Shooting Guard

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Michael Jordan, Former NBA Shooting Guard

Athlete: Michael Jordan

Sport: Former NBA Shooting Guard

Number of Gross Fingers: One

Overall Grossness Rating: 7/10

Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player in history, but he certainly doesn't have the prettiest fingers in history.

The six-time NBA Champion and five-time NBA MVP has a pretty funky looking right pointer finger.

The gruesome appearance of MJ's finger can be traced back to a mishap with a cigar cutter during the 1999 lockout.

Jordan severed the tendon and needed to undergo surgery, but the function of that finger was never the same.

Perhaps that's why Jordan's two seasons with the Washington Wizards, which occurred after this injury, were some of the worst shooting seasons of his career.

Jordan has said that the inability to bend the finger still impacts his golf game.

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Source: Athletico Paper