Turkey Bowl Plays: Gobble and Go

The Gobble and Go play is a quarterback's dream for faking the stuffing out of a defensive secondary.

Turkey Bowl Play: Gobble and Go

Once you've used short hitches and post routes to lull your Turkey Bowl opponent faster than a tryptophan-laden turkey dinner, it's time to go in for the kill with some game-breaking double-move routes. Enter the Gobble and Go, a QB's dream play for faking the stuffing out of a defensive secondary.

Your outside receivers explode off the line of scrimmage for 10 yards, drop their hips and cut back toward the QB to sell the comeback route. The QB pump-fakes the pass to one of the receivers, at which point both receivers swivel their hips and sprint down the field. The DBs will bite on the comeback route harder than a hungry pilgrim. The QB launches the ball with some air underneath to allow his receiver to break open for an uncontested TD.

Add this play to your arsenal on Turkey Day, and use it after running a series of shorter single-move routes. The defense will be especially easy to fool in a situation when you need to gain approximately 10 yards.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock