Get a Smoother Golf Swing With 3 Exercises You Can Perform at Home

Build a smoother golf swing with three simple exercises that you can perform at home.

Exercises that improve stability can transform your golf game even though they don't seem to address the swing at all. By fixing hidden problems like a weak hip, unstable core and poor posture, they improve swing control, speed and impact.

Start improving your swing today by trying the exercises below. All three exercises are easy to learn and require no equipment.

Side Plank

The Side Plank builds core stability by recruiting the oblique and tranverse abdominus muscles to maintain balance. While performing the exercise, maintain a straight line with your body and keep your elbow beneath your shoulder. If you can't maintain correct form for the full 30 seconds, try the move from your knees. Increase the challenge by building your time up to one minute.

Sets/Duration: 3-5x30 seconds each side

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Unilateral Superman

Balancing on one side of your body develops stability by activating both primary and secondary muscle groups, allowing your entire body to actively combat instability. For golfers, that's key. Stability keeps the swing in the correct plane of movement and prevents poor ball striking. The Unilateral Superman is much more difficult than the Side Plank, so don't get frustrated if you can't hold it for long.

Sets/Duration: 5-8x10 seconds each side

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Walking Lunge

Many golfers have poor hip stability, affecting not only their performance on the course, but also their quality of life. Walking Lunges improve hip stability by activating the primary movers in the thigh as well as the intrinsic hip flexors and extensors.

Sets/Distance: 3-4x50 feet

I can't guarantee that these exercises will add 20 yards to your drive, but they will reduce fatigue and make your swing more fluid.

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