How Athletes Can Use Google's Project Glasses

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Last week, Google gave us a glimpse of its Android-powered reality headset prototype, Project Glass. These augmented reality glasses promise not only to make you see 20/20 but also to make your entire world appear differently. The headset will work in sync with Google's Goggles app. But before your get too excited, the technology isn't available for purchase—yet.

Rumors are flying as to when the glasses will be released to the public (perhaps late 2012), but we can already see benefits for athletes. As the video above shows, you'll be able to talk to friends via video chat; shop online as you walk around; and update your calendar with your practices and games—easily moving entries around if your coach cancels or changes practice times. These glasses will do everything your smart phone or tablet computer can do (like text or take photos), but hands-free and voice-activated.

Google Glasses

The glasses will be great for traveling or communicating with your coach or teammate across the field or gym. They may also have visual applications for motivation during training, such as instructions, words of inspiration or music. Best of all, they could be used as visual reminders of how to perform certain exercises or drills. Imagine the perfect play, swing or slam dunk being plotted out before your eyes. All you need to do is follow the moves.

While you're waiting for the glasses, learn more about visualization techniques to improve your game. Then download the Google Goggles app. With the app installed, you can point your phone at a landmark, work of art, book or other artifact, and the app will identify it and give you snippets of information.

Be sure to check back for the latest tech updates—including when the Google Glasses will be available.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock