"Grand Theft Auto 5" Coming Spring 2013

Get the latest scoop on "Grand Theft Auto 5," now scheduled for a spring 2013 release.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is slated to reach gaming consoles next spring. Below are some of the reveals that RockStar divulged during an interview with GameInformer earlier this month.

3 Protagonists

Gamers will have the option to live through three different characters—Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Michael, former bank robber turned snitch, currently lives in Rockford Hills (Beverly Hills) and is in the Witness Protection Program. However, a short money supply will surely return him to a life of crime. Trevor is a war vet with a mean streak and a drug problem—a lethal combination. He has a reputation for recklessness, and he has worked with Michael in the past. Finally, there's Franklin. He is a repo man for an Armenian-owned luxury car dealership, repossessing cars from customers who can no longer afford to pay their monthly nut. He comes across Michael while looking for a side gig.

Although their stories intertwine, each character has his own arc. The stories move forward even when the player isn't controlling them, which allows a gamer to switch characters at any point and drop in on some interesting situations. They also have their own friends, skill sets, and unique hobbies.

RockStar hasn't confirmed any move toward a multiplayer, co-op play system, but these reveals signal a step in that direction.

Bigger, Better World

 According to art director Aaron Garbut, GTA 5's Los Santos is bigger than the combination of worlds featured in Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV's Liberty City. In addition to its urban and suburban areas, Los Santos includes a wine country; a wilderness area surrounding Mt. Chiliad; a military base; and beachfronts. If gamers want to take a dip in the water, RockStar has even mapped out the ocean floor for exploration.

The economy system has also been revamped. Players won't be able to purchase property, but the company has loaded the game with plenty of other stuff.

More Vehicles

More vehicles is a given as GTA generally ups the ante with each new game in the series. The full list hasn't been revealed for GTA V, but thus far several bikes are confirmed—BMX, road, dirt, mountain—plus cars, trucks, helicopters, planes, ATVs, and jet skis.

When players aren't off committing heists, they can engage in fun sporting events—yoga, triathlons, tennis, and golf.

The More Things Change...

Random encounters with citizens will return in Grand Theft Auto 5. Their reactions are based on the location of your character at the time. Obviously citizens in the upscale part of town won't react the same way to getting flicked off as a person in a rundown urban area.

Some of the characters from GTA IV and Episodes of Liberty City will make appearances, except for major characters like Niko. CJ and Tommy are referenced as legends, as opposed to actual people.

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