Hassan Whiteside's Diet? Nothing But Fiji Water and Ketchup

That's pretty gross, Hassan.

If you're at the grocery store and find yourself wondering why the Fiji water is completely sold out, there's only one person to blame: Hassan Whiteside. By the looks of his refrigerator door, he's purchased every single bottle of that "premium" water that exists on the planet, and he's pretty proud of it.

Hassan Whiteside's Refrigerator Door

Fresh off signing a 4-year, $98 million contract with the Miami Heat, Whiteside has apparently decided to spend a large chunk of his money stocking his fridge with more bottles of Fiji water than one person could ever need—along with a single bottle of ketchup. You know, just in case the doesn't quite fill him up and he needs something a little thicker.

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Besides sharing that hilarious picture of his fridge door, Whiteside also took to Snapchat to inform his followers that he had spent over $1,000 at Target during the holiday weekend, presumably on more water and ketchup, or perhaps a new bath towel. This is just a suggestion, Hassan, but you may want to think about fueling your body with something that has more substance to it. Maybe some sandwich meat, perhaps. Or a nice jar of pistachios. Or just keep chugging Fiji water, man. Whatever works for you.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock