Make Cooking Simple and Fun With Healthy Recipe Websites

Learn to love to cook with online healthy recipe go-tos from STACK Expert Kait Fortunato.

Healthy Lunch

I absolutely love cooking. As a young athlete, now is the time for you to develop an enjoyment of this healthy habit. I try hard to keep meals entertaining by finding healthy new recipes. Cooking new things makes eating more exciting and more satisfying.

If you want to take the plunge, check out the websites I browse when looking for healthy new recipes.

Healthy Food Blogs

These are by far my favorite sources of recipes and ideas. Bloggers tend to post step-by-step directions with pictures, feedback and tips. I feel like I get a great sense of how hard the recipe is to make and how it will taste, thanks to their more thorough explanations.

Some of my favorite blogs are Eat Live Run, Kath Eats Real Food, Carrots and Cake and Peanut Butter Fingers. I also categorize the recipes I have tried on my blog, Dietitian in DC.

Cooking Light

I subscribe to this magazine and love the simplicity of the website. It often provides a healthy twist on a classic recipe. I visit this website frequently when looking for something new to try for a weeknight meal. They also have a nutrition makeover section and nutrition videos.

Spin a Recipe

This website is great for beginners who want to get more involved in the kitchen. It allows you to input parameters for courses (appetizer, breakfast, entree, side), main ingredients and cooking methods, which you then "spin" in what looks like a slot machine. The output: a recipe that fits all your parameters.

Food Network

I love having the Food Network on TV in the background when I am in the kitchen, because sometimes certain recipes catch my eye. I like how their website allows you to search by chef, season, holiday, cooking method, and much more.


This is a highly interactive, community-based cooking site with feedback and reviews from everyday cooks who have tried out various recipes. My favorite part of Epicurious is their mobile app. It is very user-friendly, making it easy to search for recipes on the go.


Lately, Pinterest has become my go-to for recipe searching, because you can look at meal images and organize them onto different boards for easy access when needed. If you need inspiration, create your own account and follow me (

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