Here Are 10 of the Best Mannequin Challenges Pulled Off by Sports Teams

The Mannequin Challenge is taking over the world of sports.

First it was the Harlem Shake, then it was the Running Man (see video above). Now a new challenge fad has taken over the internet– the Mannequin Challenge. The objective is to pose with a large group of people and try to remain completely still, making everyone look like a mannequin.

The new trend has taken over, and teams have been doing it wherever they go—in the locker room, on the field or court and even on the team plane on the way back from a game.

Several teams are doing the challenge, and we are bringing 10 of the best to you.

Dallas Cowboys

After the Cowboys put a 35-10 beating on the Cleveland Browns, Sunday's flight home looked fun. The team decided to do the Mannequin Challenge to celebrate their 7-1 record.


Hamilton Huskies

The Hamilton Huskies high school volleyball team (Chandler, Arizona) brought the Mannequin Challenge to the court.


Cheerleading Squad

We don't know the identity of this cheerleading squad, but they definitely are raising the bar on this challenge.


Penn State

After the Penn State football team crushed Iowa 41-14 in Happy Valley, they celebrated by doing the challenge in the locker room. The whole team is frozen until the players erupt when the beat drops.


Wisconsin Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team held lots of different poses during this challenge. They had players eating, playing ping pong and playing video games.


Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks also did their challenge on a plane. Rookie Thon Maker froze while counting money, Michael Beasley played cards with painted nails, and Matthew Dellavedova watched film.


Jr. Blues

The Jr. Blues hockey team is the first team to do the challenge on the ice. They did a great job with the poses too. Players were in the middle of getting checked and getting into fights.


Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverines football team took one of the longer videos for the challenge. They used different settings and were filmed by running back Chris Evans.


Ontario Baseball Team

This high school baseball team performed the challenge on the diamond. Their poses included players fighting, a base runner colliding with the catcher at home plate and a home run getting robbed.


SEC Network

This isn't a sports team, but Tim Tebow and the SEC Network got the whole crowd in on the challenge. That many people staying completely still was very impressive.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock