Here's Definitive Proof Kevin Durant is Actually Much Taller Than 6-Foot-9

Is Kevin Durant actually 6-foot-9, or is he much taller? STACK investigates.

Kevin Durant's free agency tour has dominated the headlines of late, but no one is talking about the much more pressing issue at hand: Durant might actually be 7 feet tall.

Durant has been listed at 6-foot-9 for his entire career, but that listing was blown up MythBusters style when the above photo started making the rounds across the internet. Durant was in New York City for a media tour with the rest of Team USA, and one of their last stops was to surprise some youngsters on a public basketball court. As they waited, Durant happened to line up next to DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan, both of whom are listed at 6-foot-11, and the two big men look small compared to KD, who looks to be a full head taller than the 6-foot-11 Cousins.

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Durant admitted back in May that he's closer to 6-foot-11 than 6-foot-9, and that he always thought it would be "cool" to tell people he was a 6-foot-9 power forward. But his true height may be even higher. Of course, the angle of the photo has to be taken into account as does the depth of frame (Cousins stands slightly in front of Durant), but still. The jig is officially up, Kevin!

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock