Here's How Josh Rosen Ended up With a Hot Tub in His Dorm Room

Who wouldn't want one?

When Josh Rosen was a freshman at UCLA, living in a dorm room that came with his very own living room and flying high on the knowledge that he'd soon be the Bruins' starting quarterback, he made a decision that will live on in infamy: He ordered a hot tub, and put it in his dorm.

Rosen has since said that the hot tub incident is one of his biggest regrets, partially due to it becoming a silly talking point for draft pundits to try and make a bigger point about Rosen's personality, but it will forever be linked to Rosen's story as he heads into the NFL Draft on Thursday.

We'd never really heard the background on just how, exactly, that hot tub in the living room came to be, but Rosen was kind enough to explain it in a video he posted on Twitter early Tuesday morning.

The best part isn't the decision to buy it (there's not much of a story there outside of "let's buy this inflatable hot tub," but that Rosen accidentally had the hot tub sent to his mom, who then drove it up to campus to drop off at Rosen's dorm. Rosen's mom is truly the real MVP of this story.