Here's the Crazy Way Draymond Green Lost 18 Pounds After His Rookie Season

Draymond Green's unorthodox weight loss tactic helped him slim down considerably since his first season in the NBA, but it was hard on the equipment.

Today, ESPN published an article entitled "Golden State's Draymond Green Problem," by ESPN Staff Writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss.

The article is an exhaustive look at how Green's intensity and demeanor—though keys to his on-court success—may be causing serious fractures within the organization. The entire article is definitely worth a read, but one anecdote in particular caught our eye.

Three years ago, the Warriors noticed that the team's stationary bikes were disappearing from their usual spot in the practice facility. Eventually, they found out why. Green was dragging them into the sauna, riding them, then leaving them there. Strauss's writes:

It turned out that Green, who's struggled with his weight since his days at Michigan State, had developed a theory: By riding the bikes in the sauna, he could more efficiently shed pounds. In the short term, biking in a sauna will do that, but much of what is lost is water weight and is soon gained back. Golden State trainers were aware that Green's regimen was, at best, scientifically dubious. Also, the bikes were getting ruined. Says a former Golden State trainer: "He would come in and say, 'The screen's not working on the bike.' And I'd be like, 'Yeah, I wonder why.'" Still, the team chose to ultimately allow it. It did involve cardio. And Green was loath to give it up.

It's a pretty ridiculous anecdote,  but Green has lost a significant amount of weight during his time in Golden State. According to, the power forward played at around 248 pounds during his rookie season in the NBA. He reportedly played his second season about 20 pounds lighter, a weight he's been able to maintain ever since. He is currently listed at 230 pounds.

Green isn't alone in his penchant for sauna bike rides. Eleven-time NHL All-Star Chris Chelios—who played in the NHL until he was 48 years old—believed that regularly riding a stationary bike inside a sauna was the key to his longevity.

Draymond Green
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