Here's What Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell's Horrendous Onside Kick Was Supposed to Look Like

Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell botched a Rabona onside kick attempt during Sunday's game. However, he once nailed the move in college.

By now, you've surely seen Chris Boswell's pathetic onside kick attempt during the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

If not, here you go:

Yeah, it was hideous. Boswell was trying to perform what's known in the soccer world as a "Rabona" kick, but his timing and coordination were off. Badly.

Boswell once nailed the move in a previous game. While at Rice, he broke out the Rabona onside kick in 2013 against Houston. Unlike his attempt on Sunday, it worked to absolute perfection:

"A lot of soccer players can do it," Boswell said at the 2014 NFL Combine. "It's not anything that I invented or anything. I was just kind of messing around with it one day at practice with my buddy James Farrimond. We were kind of just trying to figure out ways to trick teams. We kind of just put the ball on the tee and that happened."

Boswell is one of only six NFL kickers who've had a successful onside kick so far this season, so fans shouldn't be too hard on him.

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Chris Boswell

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