Boost Your Academics: 4 Tips for High School Athletes

Strong academic performance can help high school student-athletes get noticed by college coaches. STACK offers four tips on how to get your grades up.


If you're a high school athlete, one of the best ways to get an edge on the college competition is to excel academically. Coaches look for players they won't have to babysit when it comes time to hit the books. Being a good athlete and ranking in the top 20 percent of your high school class will definitely catch a coach's eye.

Here are four tips to help you get there.

1. Be organized

Get into the practice of writing down all your tasks and obligations for the day, whether it's practice or studying two hours for your chemistry test. Also, be organized in your physical space. Tidy up as you go—your locker, your bedroom, your workspace at home, even your email account.

2. Build relationships

Get to know your classmates who have a good grasp of the material. If you hit it off, see if you can get together for a study session once in a while. Also, talk to your teachers. If you don't understand something, ask for help. Though it might seem intimidating at first, teachers generally love it when you take an interest in the material and ask good questions.

3. Find a balance when studying

During the school week, plan to spend most of your after-school time doing homework and going to games and practices. Save socializing for the weekends—although you can plan for a little down time here and there during the week. Study in chunks and take breaks—your brain doesn't retain information well from long, late-night cramming sessions.

4. Make time to read for pleasure

Find a quiet place to read a book that interests you. Reading for pleasure is a transferable skill that helps you comprehend, write and communicate better.

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