High School Athlete Used Social Media to Get Full Ride

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Competitiveness drives STACK athletes across the country to continue bettering themselves through training and nutrition. Hopefully the result is a scholarship offer from the college of their choice, but getting that offer is a competition in itself. That's why we encourage our readers to use every weapon in their arsenals to get the attention they deserve—and that includes using social media.

Chase Cochran, a graduate of Lebanon High School in southwest Ohio, used social media to promote himself and was rewarded handsomely with a full scholarship to play football with the Ohio University Bobcats.

"I use [social media]," Cochran says. "I link results, have my highlight videos from football on [Facebook], and after a track meet I'll post my results and talk to other competitors from other schools and get the lowdown of what's going on."

Cochran took the extra step to get the attention of a Division I football program via Facebook, and it paid off. Had he not taken the time to continually update his social media profiles with athletic results and upload his highlight reel, OU might never have heard of him. Instead, the school used Facebook to learn more about Cochran and stay in continual contact with him. In fact, during a no-call period, the school informed him of their offer via a Facebook message.

Just because he achieved his goal of a scholarship, Cochran didn't quit social media. Following advice from a fellow competitor, Jordan Griffin, he expanded to Twitter.

"If you don't know what Twitter is, I suggest you get [an account] and find out," Griffin says. "It's going to start blowing up and be the thing to do, and you'll wish you were in on it."

Check in with Cochran at @Chase_Cochran and compile your own highlight reel. Make sure to tweet it to us at @STACKMedia. We'll RT the best ones and help expose your talent to the nation's top recruiters. Now get to work!

Source:  Western-Star.com
Photo:  Western-Star.com

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