High School Basketball Player Shatters Backboard With Massive One-Handed Jam

Isaiah Banks only needed one hand to destroy the backboard.

One of the most exciting things in basketball is seeing a backboard get shattered. It's rare in hoops today, so when it happens everybody goes wild. Isaiah Banks of Heritage High School (Conyers, Georgia) destroyed the backboard during a game Tuesday night against Evans High School, and it was crazy.

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Normally breaking a backboard is caused by a dynamite slam dunk, aided by the player hanging on the rim. The weight on the rim causes it to snap down, shattering the glass. But Banks didn't hang on the rim at all. Just the impact of his massive one-handed tomahawk dunk did the trick.



After the dunk, Banks casually walked way from the broken hoop like what he did was no big deal—until he was mobbed by his excited teammates. The game was called, which was probably for the best since the Patriots were destroying Evans 40-14 in the third quarter.

The 6-foot-5 senior is ranked 18th in the state of Georgia according to MaxPreps. According to Banks's Twitter account, this was not his first rim-rattling dunk.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock