Increase Your Hip Mobility With These Routines

Want to become more powerful and dynamic in your sport? Work on increasing mobility and flexibility in your hips. Here's how.

Increasing your hip mobility will make you more powerful and dynamic in your sport, whatever it may be. By increasing your mobility and flexibility in the hips with the proper stretches, you'll also make yourself stronger and maximize injury prevention.

Try foam rolling first. It's great for releasing muscles and reducing the risk of injury. The following video illustrates a full-body foam rolling session. Foam rolling is best done before workouts, but also after to promote recovery.

After foam rolling, follow up with hip mobility drills and stretches. 
Check out this video. It demonstrates a nice set of hip stretching exercises that flow right into one another. It also includes a great stretch for the hip flexors, glutes and groin.

Here is another great stretch for the glutes, hip flexors, and groin that uses some nice transitions, which will help you save time while stretching multiple muscles at the same time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock