Hit the Virtual Ice With EA Sports' NHL 10

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Over the years, hockey has gotten the reputation of being a violent, hard-hitting sport, one that players have to be darn near crazy to start playing. Well, EA's latest installment of their hockey video franchise, NHL 10, will not change that assessment—and EA is extremely proud of it.

NHL 10 [EA Sports]
Release Date:
September 15
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3

NHL 10 can best be described with one word: passion. That was EA's main focus in designing the game, with emphasis on bringing to gamers the emotions that flare on the ice during an NHL game. Says Boston Bruins left winger Milan Lucic, "[EA designers] tried to bring in more rough and toughness, [with] battles along the walls and all that type of stuff. Every year the games are getting more realistic, and the fighting this year they made more realistic, so it's great to see."

All new game features have created a more lifelike simulation of an NHL player. It's a great year to find out if you're tough enough to last a whole season and take a sip from the Stanley Cup.

STACK's Favorite Features:
Battle on the Boards: Players can now bring their game along the boards as they fight to gain control of the puck. Shield opponents can kick-pass the puck and dump and chase in the offensive zone, bringing more realism to actual game play.

First Person Fighting: Go head-to-head against opponents and change the momentum of the game with this new feature. Grab an opponent, tug on his jersey and land a hook that will drop him to the ice—then listen to the fans cheering for your team.

Battle for the Cup: Play for the Stanley Cup and experience all of the emotions that come with it. Battle and play through injuries, set up line matches to take on opposing teams' superstars, and travel into hostile environments with fans waving towels, booing and banging the glass when you hit the ice.

Be a Tough Guy: Are you tough enough to be an NHL enforcer? Test yourself against the best. Hit the ice and protect your superstar, fight when necessary and lay the wood on opponents when they're open for a clean body check.

Writer's review: I was able to preview the game at the EA Campus in Vancouver, and I must say that it's as real as it gets. I felt like I was on the ice and thrown into the game. The graphics were amazing, and the atmosphere in the arena made it seem like I was at a real NHL game.

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