'Hitman: Agent 47' Will Star 'Homeland' Actor Rupert Friend

'Homeland' star Rupert Friend portrays the title character in the crime thriller 'Hitman: Agent 47,' based on the video game.

Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn in TV's Homeland) will star in the title role of the big screen crime thriller Hitman: Agent 47, based on the popular video game franchise about a genetically engineered assassin.

The storyline of the film focuses on 47's latest mission, in which he must go after a young woman running from sinister forces. It is not a typical job, and 47 becomes personally involved as he goes from hunting down the woman to helping to find her father and unraveling the truth about her ancestry. Haunted by his own past, Agent 47 might go from hunter to victim if he's not careful.

The film also stars Zachary Quinto (Star Trek Into Darkness), Hannah Ware (Old Boy), Dan Bakkedahl (The Heat), Ciarán Hinds (Game of Thrones) and Thomas Kretschmann, soon to be seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Directing the movie is the award-winning music video and documentary maker Aleksander Bach. The project is Bach's feature film directorial debut.

The screenplay was written by Michael Finch (The November Man), Kyle Ward (Machete Kills) and Skip Woods, who has an impressive list of high-profile action pics to his credit, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine and A Good Day to Die Hard.

In addition his TV roles, Friend has appeared in several motion pictures, including The Boy in Striped Pajamas. He is currently working on the Emily Blunt feature Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill.

Hitman: Agent 47 will charge into theaters nationwide in August.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock