How Your Underwear Can Save You From A Hockey Injury

Protect yourself against injury on the ice by choosing the right "hockey underwear."

Hockey Shoulder Pads

When is your underwear your best defense against injury? In hockey, what you wear under your uniform can make all the difference between getting hurt and staying on the ice. Even the best athletes are susceptible to injury. That's why it's important to take preventive measures with your equipment. Make sure to have these important pieces on your body before you take the ice.

1. Shin Guards: Buy big and add needed padding.

2. Ankle and Foot Guards: Fast-moving pucks can do serious damage to unprotected ankles.

3. Athletic Cup: Make sure it covers your entire groin area. I don't have to warn you how painful these injuries can be.

4. Elbow Guards: Buy bigger, not smaller, for as much protection as possible. Ones with wraparound guarding already in place are preferred.

5. Chest and Shoulder Pads: The higher up on the sternum the better. Also, protecting the back is as important as protecting the front side. Deflections and unintended contact with sticks and pucks are common, so these areas need an added layer, not just air under the number on your jersey.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock