Holiday Wish List: The Under Armour Storm WINDSTOPPER Keeps You Warm, Safe and Dry During Outdoor Winter Training

The Under Armour Storm WINDSTOPPER can keep you dry and warm during your outdoor training in the winter months.

Anyone who's ever trained outside during the brutal winter months knows that wind can be your biggest enemy. The temperature might not look intimidating, but when you step outside, you suddenly feel like you're in the Arctic Circle. Wind chill changes everything, and if your clothing can't stand up to it, your performance will suffer.

That's what makes the Under Armour Storm WINDSTOPPER Running Long Sleeve so useful. It strikes a perfect balance between comfort, protection and performance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities during the cold months.

A few key features set the WINDSTOPPER Running Long Sleeve apart from similar products. One is its lightweight front panel, which is designed to deliver "total windproofness" while still allowing for breathability. A traditional sweatshirt might do a decent job of protecting you from the wind and cold, but it can also trap sweat on your skin. That won't happen with the WINDSTOPPER; its built-in Moisture Transport System wicks sweat and dries fast.

The exterior feels similar to most windbreakers, but the interior features an ultra-warm, brushed fleece material that's really comfortable. Built-in thumbholes, another nice feature, help keep you warm, but they don't get in the way if you decide not to use them.

Since the sun sets so much earlier, most runners are forced to train in the dark during the winter months. So they typically must adorn themselves with reflective vests or lights for safety, and these can be both cumbersome and unsightly. That's a thing of the past with the WINDSTOPPER Running Long Sleeve. Reflective panels on top of the arms and shoulders provide great visibility during low-light conditions. They actually manage to look stylish during the daytime, and they keep you safe at night, so you can feel confident at any time.

One of the most significant features of the WINDSTOPPER Running Long Sleeve is its anti-odor technology. According to Under Armour, this "prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes," which is a big plus for athletes who like to train outdoors several times per week. You can wear the WINDSTOPPER for days without having to wash it and without worrying that it will get wet and smelly.

The UA Storm WINDSTOPPER Running Long Sleeve can be purchased at for $179.99.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock