Hot New DRx STEALTH LeBron Jersey Photos Released

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STEALTH LeBron Jersey
Miami boutique UNKNWN has finally released photos of the long-awaited custom LeBron James jersey in the DRx STEALTH collection.

Five jerseys in the collection mix sports, military and street looks by using a variety of textures, fabrics and leathers. There's a military khaki design, a retro army/boxer look and even a snakeskin/Italian leather combo. All the jerseys make a bold statement while representing the classic Miami Heat look.

Stealth by DRx unknwn

The jerseys were released to coincide with the launch of UNKNWN's website. If you're in the Miami area, check out the boutique for cutting-edge fashion. However, if you don't have serious cash, you may want to think twice about camping out for the STEALTH LeBron jerseys. They're currently selling for $1,200 apiece.

If you want a piece of more affordable LeBron fashion, check out the forthcoming Nike LeBron 9 Summit Lake Hornets edition basketball sneaker. Or, you can dress like the King by viewing these Wardrobe Essentials from LeBron James' Stylist.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock