View With Your Crew: "Hotel Transylvania"

Hitting theaters in 3D on Sept. 28, Sony Pictures' newest animated comedy, Hotel Transylvania is sure to deliver a quirky star-packed blockbuster.

Hotel Transylvania

Where do monsters go on vacation? Hotel Transylvania, of course! Hitting theaters in 3D on Sept. 28, Sony Pictures' newest animated comedy, Hotel Transylvania , is sure to be a quirky, star-packed blockbuster.

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The film is about a hotel resort run by monsters with monster employees and monster guests. Comedic actor Adam Sandler is the voice of Dracula, the resort's manager. Sandler's character is hosting an elaborate weekend celebration for his daughter's 18th birthday. Teen actress and singer Selena Gomez (a.k.a. the Biebs gf!) is the voice of Dracula's daughter, Mavis.

The weekend progresses famously, until a human boy accidentally happens upon the resort. Andy Samberg lends his voice to the human boy's character, Jonathan. In no time, Jonathan falls for Mavis. As the forbidden love story unravels, it becomes clear that monsters and humans may not be too different after all.

The movie is a who's-who of Hollywood's younger stars, as well as some established heavyweights. With comedic actors like Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade and Jon Lovitz, viewers will be laughing from start to finish. The movie also features the distinctive—for better or worse—voice of Fran Drescher, actress Molly Shannon, pop singer CeeLo Green, and last but not least, Tom Kenney, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Genndy Tartakovsky directs the movie. Tartakovsky is known for creating cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars and Samurai Jack.

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